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The Corny Bread Company, LLC  has launched!!  Follow us here, and on popular social media platforms as we prepare to serve you our moist, delectable & unique cornbread creations.  We'll also serve you a generous portion of smiles & laughter!  We welcome your engagement on social media:   #22corny #kerneloftruth    #CornyBreadChronicles

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The Corny Bread Company, LLC offers a variety of mouthwatering, versatile 'prepared' cornbread products which compliment ANY meal!   Prepare yourselves to enjoy our distinctive cornbread creations with extraordinary tastes and textures!

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With Corny Bread, Your Meal Is Now Complete!!!  It is our aim to make mealtime enjoyable by providing comforting prepared foods  that enhance your meal solutions!  Corny Bread, our core brand product, compliments ANY meal, and loyal fans have confessed they often sneak an extra slice for dessert!!  Follow us on social media as we trade 'corny jokes' for smiles! 

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Thank You for visiting this page!  As the owner of The Corny Bread Company, LLC  no one is more anxious, nor more excited than I am to finally share my story of "Dream to Delivery."   The Corny Bread Company, LLC is a legally permitted food establishment under the inspectional services of The City of Boston!!  Corny Bread production is ongoing at CommonWealth Kitchen (Boston, MA).  We have been having so much fun engaging with customers at Harvard University's weekly farmers' market, The Big E, Boston Symphony Orchestra's free concert at Franklin Park (and other locations), offering our delicious cornbread creations and providing smiles and laughter with our weekly "corny jokes!"  Come visit me THIS TUESDAY for the final market of the Harvard University Farmers' Market season; 

come purchase Corny Bread for your Thanksgiving gathering! We'll be there 12-6pm ready to serve you a side dish of smiles & laughter! 

Located at: 

The Science Center Plaza, 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA

Check out the conversations on Facebook & Instagram; you're sure to laugh and smile!!!

Warm regards~ April Teixeira

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The Corny Bread Company, LLC

196 Quincy St. Boston, Massachusetts, USA